About Us

Our oldest product Enemon is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and we are celebrating this with new formulas, new flavours and a refurbished graphic design.

Enemon’s mission remains true to the idea of its founder and creator of the first product Professor Dr Karl Salobir: “…to help people with health problems of obesity, high blood pressure and elevated blood cholesterol levels with a balanced food in a practical form.”

After three decades of existence, we have decided to make Enemon with the “I am able to live healthily” slogan a brand for the family of food products for people with different dietary requirements. In the haste of modern living, products of the Enemon bran offer conscious people a healthy meal that has been balanced according to the latest nutritional findings and made of natural ingredients.

We are committed to the food industry and to human health and proud of the fact that after more than forty years of working in human nutrition, Professor Dr Salobir is still actively involved in our development and directs the young developmental team with academic precision.