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The advances in nutrition science over the last 100 years are remarkable. Nevertheless, nutrient deficiencies and unbalanced diets remain widespread in the population with negative consequences for human health and quality of life. People in different life stages and illnesses need a specific diet that prevents and corrects nutrient deficiencies and solves functional disorders. We offer science-based food products and services that allow people to reach their own potential.

For beautiful, tanned and protected skin
Solves digestion problems
For shiny skin, beautiful hair and beautiful nails
Solves digestion problems

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About & History

The beginning of now more than 40-year existence of the Enemon dietetics program dates back to 1982. It was created at the Emona Development Center for Nutrition in Ljubljana. The development of dietetics was led by the now retired prof.dr. Karl Salobir, who also worked as a researcher and professor at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana in the field of human nutrition at the Department of Food and Animal Nutrition.

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1 x multivitamins & CaC+D