SINCE 1982

About the program

The Enemon Dietetics program operates within Jata Emona group. d.o.o. In Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia, Enemon is the oldest program of dietetic products: meal substitutes, foods for special medical purposes and dietary supplements.

Our mission

“We bring the achievements in nutrition science to people who need it.”

The advances in nutrition science over the last 100 years are remarkable. Nevertheless, nutrient deficiencies and unbalanced diets remain widespread in the population and have negative consequences for human health and quality of life. People in different periods of life and diseases need a specific diet that prevents and corrects nutrient deficiencies, and solves functional disorders. We offer science-based food products and services that enable people to realize their own potential.

Our vision

“By offering quality, scientifically based foods for special medical purposes and nutritional supplements, we want to contribute to better quality of life and nutritional status of people in Europe.”


Our main value is to work for the good of our users, that is why our products are based on scientific and professional foundations.

We ensure quality through the HACCP, GMP system and supervise it with our own analytical laboratory (Emona Development Center for Nutrition d.o.o.).